Online Classes Now Available!

We offer yoga classes online so you can continue to practice with your favorite instructors from the comfort of your home.

Preparing for Class

You will need to download the MINDBODY app and pre-register for classes. It is essential that you confirm the email in your MINDBODY profile is correct or we cannot send the class access link to you!

If you have not received an email with the class link at least 30 minutes before start time, please ensure you have submitted payment, checked all email folders and then contact us for assistance.

We have transitioned our virtual classes away from Zoom to the MINDBODY platform. We appreciate your patience as we all learn this new platform together! We are learning that this live stream feature works better on some devices and browsers than others.

Please read through these common questions and answers to help with live streaming issues, as well as important information like technical requirements for running a live stream class and which internet browsers work best with this feature: https://support.mindbodyonline.com/s/article/Live-stream-browser-support?language=en_US

STEP 1: Sign up for your yoga class in the MINDBODY app or through the TBY website. This step will be the same as it has always been!

STEP 2: Check your email for a live stream link. Live stream links are sent out 30 minutes before the start of class. If you're booking within the last 30 minutes, then you'll receive the email within a minute or two. If you have already pre-registered for a class and received a Zoom link, please disregard and only use the link in the email from MINDBODY.

STEP 3: Decide which browser or device you'll use to attend class. Live stream classes work better on some devices or browsers than others.

STEP 4: Log in to the live stream class. Use the login you use to register for a class on our website or the login you use to log in to the MINDBODY app.

STEP 5: Set your camera and microphone preferences. Once you've logged in, your browser will ask to access your camera and microphone. Choose Allow—you'll still be able to mute your mic or turn off your camera in class if you'd like, but enabling at the browser level ensures you have control when the live stream starts.

You can use the microphone and camera buttons at the top to set your preferences. By default, the camera will be off and your mic will be muted.

If your camera and/or microphone are not working, use the links below to learn how to enable your camera and mic for the class. Also, keep in mind that only the first 15 attendees can share their video.

STEP 6: Join the class! When you're ready to join the class, click Join Live Stream in the middle of the screen.


If you arrive early to class, you'll hang out in the waiting room until the instructor joins and it's time to begin. You can fit the instructor's video to your screen by hovering over the video, then clicking on the full screen icon on the bottom right. If you'd like to pause the video, right-click on the screen, then choose Show controls. You'll see an option to pause at the bottom.

Helpful tips for a home practice:

  • Set up a sacred space with your mat and props. If you do not have props at home, consider grabbing a few household items as substitutions; books instead of blocks, belts or ties instead of straps, pillows in place of bolsters. Plan to have a folded blanket on hand as well.
    • We still have props available to purchase from the studio! Contact us if you are interested.
  • Surround yourself with things that inspire you; pictures of loved ones or spiritual teachers, healing crystals, candles, incense.
  • Try to choose a place in the home with minimal distractions. Be sure to put your device on Do Not Disturb so that you do not receive notifications during the class.
  • Set intentions for yourself and the greater good before your practice.
  • Breathe, move, and/or rest in stillness and quietness.
  • Set a time every day for a wellness activity that nourishes you.

Pre-Recorded Classes and Mini-Sessions

Check out our videos & recordings below to get a feel for what to expect in our online classes! 

5-minute Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra - Chakra Visualization with Emma

The Untethered Soul - A Guided Meditation with Vivian

Black Lives Matter Flow

Maude recorded this class on June 6th, 2020; it is inspired by the coming together of forces from all around the globe expressing unity in our stand against violence and systemic racism towards black people. Visit https://www.maude.yoga/black-lives-matter for more information.

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